New in v1.17beta

A little bit of polishing tonight as well as a few new features. Beta version 1.17 can be found here.

  • Added a (very ugly) place holder for the splash screen/start menu
  • Added some transition effects between game states
  • High scores are now tracked for the duration of the session
  • Current session high score is shown at game over and new high scores are indicated as such
  • Better sprites for special blocks
  • Added placeholders for 3 more special blocks. They’ll appear in the game now, but they don’t yet have any special powers… for the time being, they just make more noise than a normal block (and look flashier; see above)
  • New scoring system

Details about the scoring system.

Previously, each destroyed square had a set value. This was 10 points at the beginning of the game and it grew by 5 points at each new level. Effectively, everyone reaching a new level would do so after having earn an identical score… which is boring.

The new system (which needs to be slightly toned down; it’s issuing some pretty huge scores right now) takes into consideration how close the  destroyed square is to the top of the play area, essentially rewarding riskier play. Additionally, destroying squares in rapid succession will result in even higher scores.


Tomorrow I’ll tackle the major outstanding bugs, but right now I’m off to watch Workaholics.

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