New Beta of Untitled Block Game

The game can be found here!

Keep in mind, this is still very much a beta version; expect bugs. I’ll be spending the next few evenings tackling them and, if all goes well, I should have a much more polished version online late Friday evening.

The major known issues:

  • Some blocks will continue to spawn a large solid block despite some of the 9 blocks included in their group having been destroyed. This is an issue specific to the way the special blocks (and their effects) are handled and causes blocks to layer on top (think z-axis) of one another.
  • Under certain conditions, it’s possible to rotate shapes in such a way that they intersect other shapes or partially escape the  game area.
  • Activating the “horizontal beam” special block doesn’t cause most (or any) blocks above the destroyed row to fall and settle. This actually works correctly in the Windows exe and seems to be specific to the HTML 5 version… so… this should be fun to fix.

Aside from that, there’s nothing (that I’ve found so far) game breaking. Enjoy!

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