Change Log: Untitled Block Game

Here’s a quick run down of the changes since the original HTML 5 version was posted on February 16th.

You can find the game here.


  • Fixed a bug where solid blocks would occasionally form just as you cleared the 9 blocks which formed them
  • Sped up side to side block movement; beyond level 10 took almost the entire vertical space to move from the center to one side
  • Adjusted the rate at which the 9 blocks from a recently converted solid block switched back to a solid block


  • I broke everything with v1.14… it’s all fixed now!


  • Added acceleration due to gravity on settling blocks


  • Adding smooth animation to falling/settling blocks
  • Blocks now fall until they settle as opposed to falling exactly how many blocks were destroyed beneath them
  • New shapes aren’t spawned until everything has settled from the previous turn


  • The game is running much more smoothly now since having changed the way the VHS effects are rendered.

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